Please note that Simply Elfje is now closed to submissions an will not re-open for the foreseeable future.



I would like this blog to include a variety of Elfje by different contributors, not just my own.

If you have written an Elfje poem and would like to submit to this site please write it in the Comment box at the bottom of the page, or use the contact form below. It will not appear on this page but if I like it I will post it on the blog. Do not forget to include your name (or the name you wish to use), contact details and website/blog url if you have one. You do not have to give your Elfje a title but it would help if you do.


11 comments on “Submissions

  • Congrats. I hope you accept it too. By the way, I will be putting out a book in the near future and will be using my elfjes that you have used in the past under Guest. I will be acknowledging that you published them first (your website, that is), but wanted you to know that I will be using them in a book. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello, Libby. Bjorn wrote an Elfje. I had never heard of one… a lot of poetry forms Bjorn writes I have never heard of before. I have learned a lot at Bjorn’s. I could not find it in the dictionary and said so. Jules Paige was kind enough to direct me to ‘Simply Elfje’ to find out. Your blog is delightful in structure… so simple on the outside like an Elfje… but so much more going on than you think. I am not a poet, but I might try one. I’m going back to check out Bjorn’s Elfje to see if he did it right. Your explanation is excellent.

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