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Published December 21, 2015 by Libby

is King.
Night and day
in balance. Scales soon

© Elizabeth Leaper

This Elfje also appears today on my ‘By the Wobbly Dum-Dum Tree’ blog.

I am now taking a short break for the Festive Season and will be back in the New Year. Seasons Greetings to you all and best wishes for 2016.


Published December 7, 2015 by Libby

Green, fertile
Where Freedom lives
I do love it

© Kate Lolak


Blog comment: With this Elfje let us celebrate Freedom; of course Israel is not the only country where Freedom dwells. Readers who live in a ‘Free’ country should insert the name of their own country when reading this. Freedom should be valued wherever we find it and we should do whatever is necessary to protect it; once lost it will be very hard to recover.