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In The Window

Published July 28, 2014 by Libby

An Elfje Tale: In the Window

mission ghosts –
haven’t any they are
ragged images with misty

when it
rains at the
cape there on the

candle flames
burn for blind
children, lost going to


JulesPaige has submitted this delightful ‘Sunday Whirl’ offering which first appeared on her ‘Gems’ blog. The words used are listed below along with links to this prolific writer’s many blogs.

The words: image, candle, rain, blood, mission, simple, ragged, arms, blind, ghosts, hill, cape

JulesPaige: because words are like Jewels on a Page…
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Published July 14, 2014 by Libby

I shall be off-line again for the next seven days. I have not received any submissions for some time but please note that submissions are open as usual in my absence, however I will not be able to acknowledge them until my return.

This blog was created in order to bring the Elfje form to the awareness of more people and I am pleased to say that this has largely been achieved. It is with regret that on my return, in an effort to reduce the amount of time I spend on the Internet, I will be cutting down posting on Simply Elfje to just once a week. This will probably be on Mondays, but watch this space!

Above Water

Published July 11, 2014 by Libby

Sometimes it is possible that a poem written if one format works well in another and I have occasionally in the past written an Elfje version of a ‘Small Stone’ posted on my Wobbly Dum-Dum Tree blog, but usually I have had to change the odd word here or there. On 3rd of July I posted a Haiku on ‘By the Wobbly Dum-Dum Tree’ with the above title (you can read it here) and soon realised it was exactly eleven words, so here it is as an Elfje:

above water,
bright eyes alert,
watching, seal curious as

© Elizabeth Leaper