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Christmas Dreams

Published December 22, 2014 by Libby

Christmas StarMay
all your
dreams for Christmas
and New Year come

© Elizabeth Leaper

This post also appears today on my blog at By the Wobbly Dum-Dum Tree.

Simply Elfje is now taking a short break. I hope to see you again in the New Year.

December 21st

Published January 2, 2013 by Libby

Almost Christmas
Solstice is here,
End of an era,

Peace, harmony,
Being compassionate, respectful,
Abundance in our lives

to go!
Inwards: deep silence,
Thoughts and feelings bring…

Catherine van Vliet-Saivres


Catherine submitted this Elfje series before Christmas but I was unable to use it then. However I felt that the thoughts expressed are as relevant for the New Year as they were for the Solstice so I make no apology for sharing it now.

Season’s Greetings

Published December 21, 2012 by Libby

Greetings to
all my readers
and a Happy New


I am taking a break over the Christmas period so this will be my last post until January 1st 2013 when I will be joining the January Mindful Writing Challenge. I hope you will join me again then.