3 comments on “Is It Wise?

  • I suppose there are quite a bit of factors to consider.
    Where they there originally and will there be enough to sustain them.
    And if a wolf attacks something it should not does the average person have the right of defense?

    • I love wolves, such magnificent animals, however they have been extinct in the UK for centuries. There is talk of reinstating them in some areas to redress the ‘balance’ but I do question the wisdom in such a densely populated small island group with very few areas of real ‘wilderness’ and where the population have voted against hunting. Control of the numbers and the spread of these packs will be very difficult. There are places in Europe where wolves have been allowed to reinstate and they are causing real problems for farmers, particularly sheep farmers – and our hill flocks would be at risk here, stealing a commodity for which farmers already only get mediocre income at best. The issue needs real debate and is not easy to discuss here.

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