Published March 9, 2015 by Libby

Orion strides
across the night
sky, arrogant as a

Big Dipper,
Great Bear; many
named group pointing due

shaped modest
maiden facing fierce
Great Bear, totally unafraid.

Sisters? Can
you count how
many stars clustered there?

© Elizabeth Leaper


5 comments on “Constellations

  • Pretty much the few constellations I can name.
    Up north where I have relatives in New York you can’t even see Orion because he is engulfed in the Milky Way… So when I am at home and do see Orion I know just out of my vision is the Milky way…sigh.

    • Although you can mostly only count 7, on a clear night I have counted at least 9 in the Pleiades cluster but I believe there are a lot more when viewed through a telescope!

      • I forget if it was with a telescope or binoculars that I saw the Pleiades in my back yard – hard to count when those little spots of light keep moving. Really beautiful. I forget though if it is spring or autumn that they are about 10 or 11 O’clock (position wise) in the west in my yard around 9 pm. 🙂

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