Published November 25, 2013 by Libby

You may have noticed that something seems to have gone haywire with the way this blog displays. I don’t know if the theme has been updated and something has got broken along the way but I can’t fix it so if it doesn’t sort itself out in a day or two I will change the blog theme. Meanwhile I apologise for any inconvenience.

Panic over, the problem has now been fixed thanks to the wordpress help pages. It seems a stray piece of html code had found its way into one of the posts – this has now been severely dealt with!


6 comments on “Announcement

  • I haven’t noticed anything odd here…
    But I did have some odd code pop up when I was trying to post the other day.
    Chopped up the screen in odd places.
    But it went away after I reloaded the page.

    • Some the posts went AWOL and the side bar disappeared to the bottom of the page. which scrolled on forever! Fortunately I discovered it fairly quickly and managed to solve it sooner than expected. Probably some people will be wondering what I was fussing about, not having looked in while it was haywire.

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