ELFantasy 7, 8 & 9

Published July 19, 2013 by Libby

Here are the last three of JulesPaige’s series of 9 Fantasy Acrostic Elfje which appeared on her blog ‘julesgemstonepages’ in March. Jules is a prolific ‘blogger’ and you may also enjoy visiting her at http://julesgemsandstuff.blogspot.com where you will find links to her other blogs.

ELFantasy 7

Yields melodies
Moonglades on tidal
Pools – they wade holding

ELFantasy 8

Rode steed
Across stretched sands
Knight searching for the

ELFantasy 9

Sit —
Today lingers
Over bridges, through
Rainbows, spells broken, happy

© JulesPaige/davh


6 comments on “ELFantasy 7, 8 & 9

  • I love all of these! You really have a talent for them. I keep practcing; I need to be more inventive.

    Ive got this thing about choosing favourites! Dont know why. It must stem from childhood days. Anyway, if I had to pick one out as a favourite it would bee the first one. I really wish I had written this. :)!

    • So sorry Christine. For some reason your comments have been going into the Spam and as I have been away and not checking in I hadn’t been aware of it. I hope all is sorted now.

  • Thanks Libby! At least we know where they flew off to!! WP has been doing this to a few of us lately. i had to rescue a few comments from spam a week or so ago. Lets hope its sorted now. I look as though ive gone over board with enthusiasm now all my efforts at comenting have appeared!! Lol

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