Acrostic Elfje

Published March 11, 2013 by Libby

Literal challenge
Factual or fantasy
Juggle just eleven words

© JP/davh

This Elfje by JulesPaige complements my own Elfje Acrostic which you can read here and here.

You can read more of JulesPaige’s work at Jules Gemstone Pages and at


4 comments on “Acrostic Elfje

  • Dear Catherine,
    I completely forgot that Libby created the Acrostic Elfje first. I’ve just taken the ball an ran with it this as this months theme for my short verse. So I too must thank Libby 🙂
    We both thank you for the introduction of this wonderful little verse – what has it been about more than one year but less than two years ago? We’ve together taken a Children’s teaching tool and helped it mature into several ‘grown-up’ versions while still keeping the basic frame intact.
    So Thanks once again to Catherine for sharing this form, and to Libby who has given the Elfje a home as well as created the ‘Acrostic Elfje’.

    • Dear Jules,

      Thank you for your comment. It was on March 12th 2012 that I wrote my first Elfjes. Indeed it was Libby who turned it into an Acrostic Elfje… on the Facebook page of Small Stones too, there are now many talented writers who discover this exquisite form of poetry.

      Thanks to your efforts and love for poetry, the Elfje has become worldwide very popular. This makes me very happy!

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