Liebster Blog Award

Published June 5, 2012 by Libby

Liebster Blog badge

No Elfje today as I would like to thank  Claudia of ‘a stream of small stones’ for nominating me for this award. I would like now to pass it on to some other bloggers.

What you must do is:
1. Link to the person who nominated you.
2. Nominate a blogger who has less than 200 followers (you can sometimes, but not always, see this on their blog.)
3. Nominate 5 bloggers in total.
4. Let the nominees know by leaving a comment on their site.
5. Post your award image on your own site.

Here are my 5 nominees, they are all wonderful blogs so please pay them a visit:

Pure Haiku
Jules Gemstone Pages
The Soulsby Farm
Notes from a Life in Progress
A small stone Gathering


6 comments on “Liebster Blog Award

  • Now, Now my dear friends…we are all poets, lucky to read and be inspired by each other! I just did this a month or so ago…So I’m not sure if I can do it again so swiftly. Especially since we seem to be nominating each other! You gals are just too much – Too much joy, caring, love… What did I ever do before I was blessed with your friendship!?!

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